Path Mentors Staffing Solutions

What is Path Mentors Staffing solutions?

The key of success in every company is the human factor. As an Executive Search & Selection firm we advise & assist organizations in the selection of professional personnel. We have considerable experience in recruiting the right individuals for filling in key positions, thus saving organizations time & resources, which may be incurred, by recruiting through conventional means. Our initial screening results in several benefits to prospective employers namely, costs and time in preparing advertisements, assessing applications, sending interview letters, conducting interviews and chasing references before making an appointment. The benefit of this initial screening conducted by our staff leaves organizations with more time to expend for business activities. Our main aim is to give a sincere and personalized service to each case. We would not only place the prospective candidate for your consideration but in the event the candidate after being hired proves to be unsatisfactory we would replace the individual at no additional cost.

The PMSS India team is composed by specialized personnel in the following fields: human resources, psychology, sociology, management, marketing and economy. The PMSS India philosophy is based on the quality of services we provide, achieved through the professionalism and a high implication level of our consultants, who offer services oriented to satisfying the needs of your organization – our partner.