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Personnel search and selection

Our service saves your time! Human resources are the most valuable assets of any company. The first step in ensuring a high quality of your staff is the selection of your employees. In order to ensure a satisfactory outcome, let professionals do the job! You pay for the result, not for the process!


Analysis of the requirements and the environment of the company Elaboration of the required profile of the position searched for Development of recruiting strategy


RECRUITMENT THROUGH ADVERTISEMENTS Editing and design the recruitment adv (optional) Placement of personnel recruitment adv in the selected media Receiving CVs and contacting the applicants Preliminary selection, reference check and interview of candidates Further analysis of candidate through various tests Elaboration of detailed and confidential assessment reports Introduction of suitable candidates to the client Participating as observer at final interviews Database Selection Primarily addresses requirements for Middle/Junior Management staff. Growing database of over 1,00,000 professionals Automated web-enabled database for speedy matching of profiles Quick response time to client requirements Already short listed CVs, time saving Informed sourcing Saves cost of recruiting wrong candidate (6 times the annual CTC) DIRECT APPROACH (HEAD HUNTING) Systematic, confidential and targeted approach to potential candidates Carrying out of initial interviews with interested candidates Submitting of confidential reports on suitable candidates Presentation of the selected candidates to the client We have access to highly qualified and motivated specialists. We offer direct approach not only for positions in management; our professional methods enable us in difficult cases such as in the search of professional experts. We search out the names of suitable candidates or trace companies. The advantage for the customer lies in the accuracy and discretion we approach these potential candidates and interview them.


Consulting support during the first 12 months upon request Minimum three months guarantee Keeping a permanent client contact Recruitment through advertisements Efficiency of recruitment through advertisements depends on various factors like media support, and design, placement, publishing day, etc. As a specialized agency in the recruitment through advertisement we offer you the possibility to place your recruitment ad in the right place, at the right moment and on the right way. In this field, our services cover the whole advertising search process, from ad conception to ad publishing.